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Der Bericht über unsere Stage Group erschien mit verschiedenen Fotos in der November-Ausgabe 2003 von Crazed Imaginations, dem einzigen monatlich erscheinenden Fanzine rund um Rocky Horror! Geschrieben hat ihn Claudia Bakker vom holländischen Fan Club, zu dem auch eine recht junge Stage Group gehört.
Cast Bio: Another Planet
The German cast from Heidelberg
by Claudia Bakker

The room is loaded with strange looking people; someone dressed as the monster of Frankenstein, some elves are trying to get attention, scary faces gathered around and a couple of vampires … “Not your usual Rocky Horror audience …,” you’d probably say. Well you’re right: This is the audience of Another Planet at the Vampire Ball, a yearly event which takes place in February around carnival, a European festival at which people dress up (and get drunk) in strange and funny costumes the way Rocky Horror fans do every Saturday night! Another Planet was founded by Karim Abedi, who in 1992 went to see RHPS on a regular base with some of his friends. They started performing in front of the audiences which appeared to be a huge succes. The group was called Rose Tints My World in those days in which the show was still shown regulaire. One night they came across Peter Mendelsohn who joined in and became Riff Raff. He now also plays the Rocky Horror Show with a musical company in Mannheim. Right now Peter is the only one of the original Heidelberg cast who is still in it, for Karim left some time ago. Stephanie Janssen, who joined the cast as Janet and Frank ’n Furter in 1997 when they had been Another Planet for a year, regrets his leaving. “He was our first Frank and the best we ever had! I assume he is the best Frank, behind Tim Curry, planet Earth has ever seen!” Before DVD cut in, Another Planet used to put “Once in a While” in their performance, in order to show their audience the movie the way it was originally intended. Brad would be sitting in front of the screen, smoking a cigarette in his depressed mood, while Frank sat on his lap and made fun of him. Once they have had the opportunity to burn the song on DVD at the right spot, they ‚ll be happy to do that scene again.

Though sometimes the cast has a real Trixie who gives out flyers or sweets to the audience, usually three of them dress up in a kinky or funny way to play the things that are sang in “Science Fiction, Double Feature” during their slow dance. This is also their pre show, so the virgins will know right away, the Rocky Horror Picture Show is not the usual Saturday night movie… The Schwimmbad Musik Club has been the home of Another Planet since they where persuaded by the cast to show the Rocky Horror Picture Show every week, which was at the end of 1997. Though the cinema is quite small with her 70 seats and the performing space being a little space between the audience and the screen, the cast is much delighted to have it. Only for the Vampire Ball they get a small ballroom with an actual stage. The audience isn’t always the most grateful, since lots of people going to see a movie in the Schwimmbad Musik Club are drugged, drunk or just unable to find to dance floor! Nevertheless the cast tries hard to wake the sleepy and to put some Rocky spirit into the uninterested which sometimes results into new fans – or even cast members! Like most casts, Another Planet has some difficulties in finding people who are interested in performing more then just a couple of times. This resulted in fewer shows, also because the audience is easily bored. Now they perform on every first Saturday night of the month only and that seems to be perfect for everyone. Stephanie: “There are five people who are ALWAYS there and who have all the costumes they need themselves, and there are about ten people who only come when they want to. Most times we manage to get together a good cast, if not, we improvise and beg people from the audience to help out.” There have been times when the show has been done with three people only! Of course Frank has to be there and the others play two or three parts at ones. This isn’t a perfect situation of course but once in a while, with the right players, it can be done. Otherwise there is no choice but to cancel the show. Another Planet does not only perform in their own cinema. They do travel around and each year, they perform several times at open air cinemas. Once they even got invited to do their act at a marriage! The show began after dinner and the guest were at the least confused and had no idea what was going on, apart from the bride and groom of course, who were big fans. Stephanie is sure she will never do such a thing again. “90 minutes of Rocky Horror with a stage group in front of old and boring people is like hell! I’d rather dance naked through Buckingham Palace than doing that again!”

This is Another Planet. Remember their name for you’ll be hearing a lot more about them in the future! In the meantime you can always visit them yourself at [now:]
Or in Heidelberg of course!

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